medieval festival ibiza 2018

medieval festival ibiza 2018
Festa Medieval Eivissa
XIX Feria Eivissa Medieval Dalt Vila & La Marina
Opening Thursday 10 May 2018 18.00 hrs @ Reina Sofia Park with welcoming parade
21.30 hrs - Opening Spectacle & Medieval tournament
Friday 11, Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 May 2018, from 10am

Every year, in the second weekend of May, Ibiza commemorates its World Heritage status, with a Medieval Fair & Festival within the walls of their fortied old town and declared a World Heritage Site, Dalt Vila. This annual recreational and cultural event is tribute to the multicultural legacy left on the island throughout the centuries by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians.
For this occasion the town is set back to Middle Ages with coloured decorations and everyone will dress up to celebrate their history in style.
It is considered a true highlight of the year and many residents contribute effortless to make sure all visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience in the unique surroundings of Dalt Vila.

Dalt Vila’s history in short:

In 654 BC Dalt Vila was founded by the Carthaginians (654BC) as Ebysos, or Town of Bes, today known as EIVISSA. (Bes - Phoenecian God of dance, supposedly chased all poisonous animals of Ibiza)
The fortified walls protected Ibiza effectively from Romans, Greeks and Moors, as Christian armies, and various other intruders for many hundreds of years.
In the 20th century the unique walls needed repairs and reconstruction, which was done meticulously, without destroying the original constructed fortifications.
In 1999 UNESCO rewarded Ibiza with World Heritage status, honouring the islands long and well preserved history, and classifying Dalt Vila as best preserved coastal fortification in the Mediterranean.
Today the beautiful historical walls of Dalt Vila still breath ancient times and show the marks of a turbulent past.

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The walls of Dalt Vila are the perfect scenery for the annual, 3-day Medieval Fair that attracts over 50.000 visitors each year.
Streets are decorated with over 500 flags, awnings, banners and panels plus 40 murals of hand-painted fabric throughout Dalt Vila & La Marina, and you will find 64 colorful market stalls with vendors in medieval costumes, selling traditional medieval fare such as: candied fruits, cheese, exotic spices, honey, jewellery, leather goods, perfume, sausages, soaps, wine etc.
64 Craft markets where you can watch ’medieval’ craftsmen performing their crafts or sell local produce, are set in Antoni Palau and the Vara de Rey.
Enjoy traditional entertainment and performances (80 each day) such as medieval magic shows with: acrobats, artists, belly dancers, choral concerts, clowns, crossbowmen, dragons, falconry, flag bearers, jugglers, maidens, minstrels, musicians, knights, princesses, princes, tradtitonal parades ’cercaviles of dimonis’ and ’capgrossos’, puppeteers, snake charmers, theater,  and ’cavallets’, witches, wizards, incl. re-enactments of historical battles and tournaments with knights and princesses by amateurs and professional actors & musicions.

The fair will also feature various exhibitions : ’ Lutheria ’ of ancient musical instruments; manuscripts XIV -XVI century ; siege ; exhibition of weapons and farming tools . In addition, the Historic Archive d’ Ibiza organizes an exhibition of historical documents of the city

Especially for children
The bastions BALUARD DE SANTA LLÚCIA & SANT PERE will offer games, magic, theatre & performances for children.
At the Plaça Catedral i Baluard de Santa Tecla geese, donkey and camel tours are held and various thematic exhibitions with old and farming tools and objects of torture.

Enjoy 3 unforgettable days where past en present meet in a lively and unique Medieval festival atmosphere in Ibiza’s old town, Dalt Vila.


* extra: Free entry to all galleries & museums in Dalt Vila, during the festival

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